Are the models currently active members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?

The models represent a range of activity levels, from those who attend every week to those who consider themselves former members. I chose not to distinguish whether or not someone was a currently practicing Mormon because I feel that is irrelevant to this project. What we are exploring is how a woman views herself and her body after spending the majority of her life, particularly her formative years, in the Church. I would welcome a larger representation of currently active members, however one of the ironies of activism is that the same issues that create a need for this project also leave many women hesitant to participate.

Why do these photos need to be public on the internet? Isn’t it just another form of objectification?

I chose to make it available online so that it would have the furthest reach for the purpose clearly outlined on the about page. Many women have shared with me how empowering, reassuring, and even healing it has been to see these photos.

Technically, photographing a person turns their image into an “object”, but this project makes every attempt to humanize the models rather than sexualize them. Although we can’t control how people choose to view these photos, they are not intended to titillate. They  are an artistic representation of the human form and an expression of empowerment, vulnerability, and realness for women.

Do the models write their own essays to accompany their gallery?

Yes. Each essay is 100% the model’s own words.

Has anyone associated with this project been subjected to official church discipline?


Why doesn’t the photographer show more in the photo on the About the Artist page?

It goes without saying that I passionately believe in this project and admire the courage and vulnerability these women exhibit through baring all for the camera. As I am the photographer and not the subject, however, I debated whether to post a photo of myself at all. If another artist were doing this project, I would absolutely volunteer as a model. I ultimately decided to strike a balance: post a nude self-portrait to show solidarity with the women who modeled for me, but not post an entire gallery of photos with me as the subject. I felt that as a Mormon woman myself, I needed to show that I was willing to be vulnerable. But I also wanted to maintain some of the distance of the observer, which is why I did a self portrait that is less revealing than some of the other photos on the website. This endeavor is both personal and professional for me, and as the only person whose full name is attached to the project, I feel this is a fair trade-off, though I am open to reconsidering in the future.

Do you plan to do anything else with this project other than the website?

I hope to turn this project into a book and would love to do a gallery exhibition of photos as well.

How do I get involved in this project?

If you would like to be photographed for this project or can make a donation to help offset travel expenses and otherwise support this project, please see the contact page.

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