About the Artist

When I set out to do this project, I knew I was asking a lot of the women who would be a part of it. It is incredibly brave to be so vulnerable in front of another person, especially when that person holds a camera that will share the image of your body with the world. I have been humbled and awed by the women in this series. They are remarkable in countless ways. I felt as a Mormon woman myself, I needed to show them that I have that same courage, so I turned the camera around.

Thanks mostly to excellent parenting, I grew up with a fairly healthy body image and sense of self. But as an adult woman, I have struggled with feeling like my body was not entirely my own– it belonged to my husband, to my children, and ultimately, to my God more than it did to me. It has taken a drastic change in perspective for me to reclaim my own body for myself. It is not perfect by the standards of beauty magazines and runways. Like many of us, I should move more often and eat less sugar. But it is strong. It has birthed two babies without drugs. It experiences pleasure and pain. It is soft and firm. It has scars and stretch marks. And it is beautiful. And it is mine. 



Katrina Barker Anderson is a photographer, mother, and unabashed feminist. She is passionate about women’s issues, especially pertaining to birth and breastfeeding. Katrina has a BA in Communications from Brigham Young University and lives in Salt Lake City with her husband Jared and their children. You can see more of her work at katrinabanderson.com and atmothersbreast.com.

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